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Oral Surgery

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The Advanced Referral Centre offers interventions by a specialist oral surgeon who is highly qualified and experienced in the diverse field of dental surgery.

Oral surgery is used in the treatment of disease, tooth extraction, injuries to the mouth and jaw. It can also be required prior to dentures being fitted or to correct temporomandibular problems, correcting jaw growth inequalities and embedding dental implants into the jaw bone.

At the Advanced Referral Centre, we are able to offer patients enhanced surgical care in state-of-the art treatment rooms with the latest in dental technology to support their procedure.

One of the most common referrals we receive is for challenging tooth extractions or impacted wisdom teeth. While such procedures can be carried out under local anaesthetic, in more complex cases or for particularly nervous patients, we will offer intravenous sedation.

Our oral surgeon can also perform sinus grafts, biopsies and implant placements.