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Periodontal treatment is required for advanced gum disease which can impact upon a tooth’s supporting structures.

Where periodontitis goes untreated, the gum and bone can become severely affected which may ultimately lead to the loss of a tooth or teeth.

Gum disease attacks the tissue and bone, creating pockets around the teeth. As these pockets grow in size, bacteria invade the more vulnerable areas of the mouth and also affect a patient’s general health. Periodontal treatment aims to treat and resolve severe infection.

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The Advanced Referral Centre accepts referrals for a variety of periodontal treatments and can provide specialist treatment to patients suffering from gum disease.


At the Advanced Referral Centre, we offer patients both surgical and non-surgical periodontal treatments. The aim is firstly to treat the infection and secondly, to resolve the issues caused by bacteria. These treatments include:

  • Pocket reduction – to preserve the gum and bone by reducing the size of the pockets that may have formed
  • Regenerative work – such as bone grafts or protein treatments to the gums
  • Soft tissue grafts – to regenerate receding gums and reduce sensitivity
  • Crown lengthening – removal of extra gum tissue
  • Root planing – smoothing the root of the tooth to remove bacteria
  • Root scaling – clearing plaque and tartar from the root’s surface

Patients requiring periodontal treatments will be fully assessed and diagnosed by the Advanced Referral Centre specialists and all treatment options will be fully discussed and explained.